Frequently asked questions

1. How do i pronounce Plume?

It is pronounced as ploom, not plum, not ploo-me. :) 

2. What is thread count?

Thread count (TC) is defined simply as the number of threads on the weft (horizontal) + warp (vertical) in 1 square inch of fabric. Refer illustration below.

3. Why should I buy linens online?

The effort and process required to produce the very best linen simply has no short cuts. The better the fabric, the more expensive it is.

As cost of retail businesses continues to rise, the quality of fabrics has to be compromised as a means to manage cost. Manufacturers instead divert your attention by inflating thread count numbers and play with big bold discounts just to entice a sale.

At Plume, sourcing for the finest fabric is our priority. What we save on ridiculous retailer margins and rentals at your favourite malls, brand royalties or logistical costs – we invest it in stunning fabrics to bring you the finest quality linen.



4. Why are your products discounted less than what I get in stores?

Retailers impose high margins on products, which can be as high as 50%! Imagine half of the purchase price pays for retail rental space. Which is why products are excessively marked up to accommodate these margins as well as the ‘discounts’ given to you to make an inferior product more appealing.


5. How do I know that your bed linens are as good as you claim?

We understand that it is important for customers to feel the actual bed linens before purchasing, and we welcome everyone to get a first-hand touch of our fine fabrics during road show events held time to time. Please follow us on social media to find out where the next event will be.

In the case of you not being fully satisfied with the feel of our fabric once you have received the product, you can simply return them within 7 days. Please refer to our return policy.


6. Can I find your products in retail?

No. Our bed linens are exclusively available online. However, limited Microcotton towels are available at Parkson and Metrojaya department outlets.


7. I don't have an account with Plume, can I still make a purchase?

Of course, if you're a new customer or you haven't set up an account with us before, continue to the checkout as a guest. You'll be able to register for an account at the end of the checkout process if you like.


8. I'd like to pick up and pay in store.

Please select ‘COD – Pick up only' as your payment method and you can pick up your order after making payment via cash / credit card at our office location.

9. Can I purchase a gift card for your online store?

We do sell discounted Gift Cards online which are only valid for online purchases only. Gift Card Terms & Conditions.

10. What's your return policy?

See our Return Policies and Guidelines.

11. How do I make changes to my order after it's already been placed?

Please contact us as soon as possible via email: or by calling us at +6 03 7497 3326 / +6 017 252 8688 (Monday to Friday 9.30 am – 5.30 pm).

12. What does 'Final Sale' mean?

Any products that are discounted at 30% off or more cannot be returned or exchanged.

13. Do you ship internationally?

If you are located outside Malaysia, Singapore or Brunei and would like to order with us, please contact us at or by calling us at +6 03 7497 3326 / +6 017 252 8688 (Monday to Friday 9.30 am – 5.30 pm).

14. Can I order by phone?

Of course, feel free to call us at +6 03 7497 3326 / +6 017 252 8688 (Monday to Friday 9.30 am – 5.30 pm).

15. How do I know what the depth of my fitted sheet should be?

There is no longer a standard mattress depth. When you go shopping for linens, know the depth of your mattress (they vary from 8” − 20” in thickness). It doesn’t hurt to know the width and length as well as we have different sizes. Our regular fitted sheets fit up to a 16” mattress.

16. How often should I wash my sheets?

We recommend once a week. Not washing your sheets on a weekly basis may result in your natural oils setting into the fabric which causes yellowing.

17. Is there such a thing as “wrinkle-free” sheets?

Yes. Polyester that has been chemically treated.