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Plume is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the comforts of luxury in the place you spend the most time in - the bedroom. We spare no expense on sourcing the longest stapled cotton fibres and finest yarns to create a truly refined product. With that, we promise that you will experience the very definition of luxury.

The Plume Management

Why Plume

Plume doesn't command a huge franchise or popularity over big chain stores. But what we deliver are higher quality linens at a fair price, with no artificial mark ups and discounts. Here's why:

  • Fine linen is so much more than just thread count.

    The best magicians are those that master the art of distraction, they keep your attention focused to hide the actual sleight of hand. Similarly with bed linen, thread count can be an illusion which distracts from its true quality.

    At Plume, we draw your attention to cotton and yarn quality, details that far outweigh the significance of thread count. Click here to learn more about our fine linen.

  • Quality and price go hand in hand.

    There is a joke that people with big guns are compensating for other shortcomings. The thing is, it’s true with big stores too. And the cost of it tends to trickle down to consumers like you.

    Plume’s direct sourcing model means we don’t pay ridiculous retailer margins and rentals at your favourite malls, nor brand royalty fees, nor mammoth logistical costs - so you don’t have to as well. Instead, we invest the savings into key materials to bring you the finest quality linen.

  • We don't play the "Discount" game.

    The old adage “You get what you pay for” rings especially true with linen. The effort and process required to produce the very best linen simply has no short cuts. If anything, big unbelievable discounts should be a cause for worry when picking high thread count linen.

    At Plume, there are no massive 'discounts' stemming from equally ridiculous initial mark-ups; just the highest quality linen at the fairest price delivered right to your doorstep.